The Wines of Amore Vineyards and Winery

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White Wines

Chardonnay  ~  $13.99

Dry, elegant, medium bodied with rich complex flavors and aromas. Aged with a touch of oak.

Vidal  ~  $12.99

Crisp, clean, dry with citrus character and a smooth finish; just the right touch.

Cayuga  ~  $10.99

Nice, clean, fruity, flavorful, and refreshing; soft and subtle.

White Delight  ~  $10.99

Sweet white with a refreshing fruit finish; simply da’lightful.

Niagara  ~  $9.99

Intense bouquet with a sweet and fruity flavor; like eating grapes off the vine.

Bella Donna  ~  $10.99

Possibly our most seductive white; a nicely balanced, sweet white, with a fruity finish.

Pink Wines

Rose Amore ~ $11.99

Signature blend of three estate varieties.  Zinfandel with a zing.  Da’lovely.

Pink Passion ~ $10.99

A unique blend that will master your mood.  Big bouquet & seductively sweet.

Bella Rosa ~ $10.99​

Sweet pink, smooth, easy drinking with hints of homegrown grapes.

Red Wines

Chambourcin Reserve  ~  $16.99

Bold, dry, and complex with a hint of oak.  This reserve wine is our special vintage that is available periodically.  Awesome with meat, red sauce and strong cheese.

Cabaret Amore  ~  $13.99

Like music in your mouth, a symphony of flavors hitting all the high notes; deep color, rich flavor, intense bouquet (no oak).

Chambourcin  ~  $13.99

Medium body, dry red with oak finish; berry fruit flavor and aroma with distinctive complexity; on the road to big reds.

Red Rapture  ~  $14.99​

Chambourcin with a touch of sweetness.  Perfect for those not ready to go all the way. Da’licious.

Concord  ~  $9.99

Sweet, grapey, aromatic; reminiscent of family grape arbors; a first experience for many.

Specialty Wines

Apricot Blush  ~  $11.99

If you like apricot, this unique sweet medium bodied wine will tantalize your senses from the first sniff to the last swallow.

Raspberry Romance  ~  $11.99

Love at first taste. The glistening raspberry color and intense bouquet will have your mouth watering from the moment you tip your glass.

Strawberry Seduction  ~  $11.99

If strawberries are your thing, you have met your match. Bursting with flavor, even those with the strongest constitution can’t resist.

Blueberry Twist  ~  $11.99

Sweet, fruity, and fun with a pleasant bouquet and a crisp finish.

Peach Kissed  ~  $11.99

Kissed by the sun, this sweet peachy option is perfect anytime of the day or night.


Rapport  ~  $16.99

Start a sweet love affair with this port-style beauty during your favorite chill time. Enjoy the warmth of its mellow after glow.

Dessert Wine

Vidal Blanc Dessert  ~  $19.99

The perfect ending to any meal.  Satisfying, but not filling, this dessert wine will captivate your sweet tooth with rich deep flavor and sweet finish.  Say goodbye to bloating desserts.